Tips When Buying A Cheap Yearly Hosting Package

Published: 29th April 2010
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If you are a small business owner venturing onto the web for the first time with a small website, it's really not necessary to buy the highest priced hosting account out there. This is even more true if your website simply serves as a web presence for your business and you are not going to take online orders. The same goes for when you have a relatively small personal website with pictures of the family vacations. In all these cases a good cheap yearly hosting package will be all you need. There are a couple of things you should be looking out for though:

A free domain name included with your hosting account is very nice to have. There are so many hosting companies including this with their free hosting packages that you can really pick and choose. Otherwise you will have to fork out another ten to fifteen dollars for a domain name. Some companies offer domain registration and then they include a free hosting account. The bottom line is how much you will be paying for a domain name plus a year's hosting.

The next important feature is the amount of hosting space included with the package. Beware of overselling. Even a couple of the big names are making themselves guilty of this at present. They advertise unlimited hosting space for a small monthly amount, but somewhere in their small print is a clause that enables them to close your account if you really use a lot of disk space. It's a calculated gamble they take, because reality dictates that nobody can sell unlimited disk space for less than five dollars per month without going bankrupt.

As far as bandwidth (data transfer) is concerned, the same holds true. Rather than pay more for bandwidth you don't need, buy a hosting package with sufficient bandwidth for your needs at a price that suits your pocket. If you talk to web hosting experts you will quickly learn that the vast majority of websites never even use 1Gb of data transfer per month.

There are nowadays a pretty standard list of features included with most hosting accounts. Compare a few and make sure the package you choose has what you want. For interactive websites you need the ability to use scripting languages such as ASP or PHP. It's also nice if the company throws in a lot of free scripts, so you can impress your friends and colleagues with online forums, web forms and even a blog or social media section.

The most important features as far as web hosting is concerned are not really the free scripts or other bells and whistles. It's the uptime and technical support that count. It's very frustrating to have your website go down every second day. And when things go wrong it's even more frustrating to be unable to get technical support after hours or over weekends. Email their support on a Friday night. If you don't get a reply before Monday morning, give them a wide berth!

Cheap yearly hosting packages abound. Some of them will give you excellent value for your money while others are fly-by-nights. Do your homework and you can be assured that you will find a company that offers you years of good service.

You may never need unlimited bandwidth or disk space. However choosing a reliable unlimited web hosting will greatly reduce your monthly payment. Click here for more information.

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